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Cafe POS Software

ARBA Pro cafe POS software is vital to the growth and success of all modern cafe businesses. Choosing the right POS software can help boost a cafe’s sales, decrease costly waste and mistakes, capture essential data and consumer spending preferences, and do much, much more. Tracking customer preferences and spending patterns is necessary to have a clear picture of which items are hot and which items are not.

Our cafe POS software handles most of the rigorous managerial tasks for you. To generate, share, or print a report, click a button. In addition to making cafe management easy, ARBA Pro cafe POS software helps increase employee productivity as well. They can quickly find any item, issue a refund, change or add customers to different tables, add to or split a bill, and painlessly accept any modern form of payment with ARBA Pro cafe POS software.

ARBA Pro cafe POS software is not only fast and dynamic, but it’s also cloud-based 

In the event your Internet connection crashes, you’ll still be able to accept all payments and access your important files. Any new sales or data accumulated while your connection is down will be uploaded as soon as your Internet connection is restored. Having loyal customers is vital in any business, especially in cafes and hospitality establishments. In cafes, just a small fraction of your customers can account for the overwhelming percentage of your sales.

One of the ways to establish brand loyalty, in addition to selling great products and providing extraordinary service, is by instituting loyalty rewards programs with ARBA cafe POS software. With ARBA Pro cafe POS software, you’ll be able to get rid of those old loyalty cards, stampers, and hole punches. The entire history of each customer can be tracked and stored securely in our software. You can even add health alerts, such as “Vegetarian,” “Gluten Allergy,” “Peanut Allergy,” “Dairy Sensitive,” etc. This helps you get to know your loyal customers on a personal level and protect their health.

Considering the many benefits of ARBA Pro cafe POS software, it’s incredible that all cafes aren’t using it already. We’ve been leading the POS industry since 1981, and we’re still going strong. Our products, services, training, and experience make us the best in the business. Try our cafe POS software today in your cafe or hospitality establishment.

ARBA Pro has all the tools you need to operate your cafe efficiently. Setup is easy, and anybody, young or old, can be quickly trained with it.  ARBA Pro cafe POS software allows you to manage the following effectively:

Sales and inventory

Allergies and ingredients

Customer profiles



Another great benefit of ARBA software is the ability to offer your employees meals and beverages between paychecks. By implementing payroll deductions, you’ll make your employees happier and open up a new source of revenue. Payroll deductions can also be strictly managed and controlled. If you’re not completely satisfied with ARBA Pro, we’ll gladly give you a full refund. Try us! What do you have to lose?